Why You Need an E-Commerce Mobile App & Website

The sky’s the limit for eCommerce businesses. People are shopping online, today, more than ever before. This statement holds true across all industries worldwide. The power of the Internet has made it possible for you to reach consumers anytime, anywhere, from any device. But the type of devices you’re targeting them on will have a major impact on your success.

It’s no secret that mobile consumption has taken over our lives. According to a recent study, 96% of adults in the United States own a mobile phone. 81% of the population owns a smartphone. Look around. Everyone has these devices glued to their hands nearly 24/7.

As a business owner, you need to recognize this and adapt. How can you take this information and leverage it to increase eCommerce sales? The answer is simple—your eCommerce shop needs a Mobile App or Website.

But do you really need a mobile app? 100% YES!

1. Mobile Commerce is Trending Up
2. Consumers Prefer Mobile Apps
3. Gain a Competitive Advantage
4. Higher Conversion Rates
5. Improve Marketing Communication
6. Increase Average Order Value
7. Create a Personalized Shopping Experience
8. Reduce Cart Abandonment Rates
9. Increase Customer Loyalty 
10. Offer Enhanced Customer Service
11. Increase Retention Rates


Your eCommerce store needs a mobile app or website. 

The numbers speak for themselves. I’ve given you 11 data-driven reasons why this needs to be a priority for all eCommerce shops. Here’s a recap of some of the most important KPIs.

1. Increased conversions
2. Higher average order value
3. Reduced abandonment rates
4. Higher retention rates

I don’t know one eCommerce store owner that doesn’t want to improve these metrics. 

Furthermore, consumers prefer mobile apps. This is a reality that can no longer be ignored. 

Now that you understand why an app is so important for your eCommerce business, it’s time to take action. If you’ve never built an app before, this might sound a little intimidating.

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