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No matter how powerful or innovative your application idea is, without a solid, well-thought user interface design, it won’t achieve success easily. In today’s competitive world, only a good user experience will define the future of the app.

Product design is a very crucial stage in the development process. It is this that decides the level of success of a product. Keeping this in mind, we design engaging interfaces for your product that have an everlasting effect on users. The design we finalize is an outcome of extensive research that we do, based on clients’ needs and market trends. Product design is strategy made tangible. It’s the purpose-driven unification of complex components into simple, elegant user experiences — digital tools that draw technology and people together.


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Advanced UI and UX Design Services

Before starting a project, we communicate effectively with our clients to determine their needs. We then undergo a thorough market research to determine the competition and needs. Our approach towards UX design is totally inspired by how a user is going to interact with your product. We lay out all the necessary components along with the content to create an overall picture of the product. This solely depends on the type of product. For complex products, we keep it informative, and for simple one, we keep it presentable. In both the cases, the product is crisp and clean.


Building the prototype page by page is a cost-effective way of understanding the software structure and allows us to walk through the user journeys for each task relevant to each user persona. The end-user is engaged throughout the process and is encouraged to provide as much feedback as possible.

Information Architecture

Once the prototype is agreed, we can take a more detailed look at the on-screen interactive components. Our UX Designers and Solution Architects work closely with you and review all research data to agree the design and formatting for the user interface controls and presentation of visual information.

UX (User Experience) Design

UX Design consists of a series of processes in which the user’s tasks, role, function, technology requirements, demographics and other needs are carefully considered at each stage of the software design. we discover the different end-user functions that the software must cater for user experience.

UI (User Interface) Design

Our aimed at creating visually appealing, brand strengthening digital experiences that attract and retain users. We goes even further and delivers UI solutions that are tailored individually to your audience, reflect customer values, as well as effectively back up your business objectives, including conversion growth, dwell time increase, and successful up-/cross-selling.


We prepare a mock-up for the client’s review so that we have sufficient feedbacks related to what can be changed or inculcated to proceed further with the design. This lays the foundation for the very first design. We create simplified plans and plan-views of elements to best accomplish a particular purpose. We building the architecture to support awesome apps.

Usability Testing

Usability testing is aimed to ensure the logical arrangement of a Akshu's UI elements, convenient content layout and the number of usage steps. Akshu's UX services include usability testing, UX audit, and UX research. Our usability testing experts can facilitate the solution’s user adoption by ensuring the smoothness of its user journeys.

How does our process help your product?

We use the most powerful tools available in the industry to craft out the best user experience. Thanks to our highly skilled and meticulous team that has helped us in turning ideas into reality.


We help our partners envision and build products people love by involving end users in every step of the process. We conduct user interviews, observations, surveys and usability tests, then use what we learn to improve our solutions.


We lay out all the content and functionalities of a page to create a structure that effectively represents all the needs of the product. We create simplified plans and plan-views of elements to best accomplish a particular purpose.


Creating a design system with modular, reusable components and a library of brand and style guidelines allows creative and development teams to build faster and with greater precision. It also enables your mobile, software, and progressive web applications to evolve seamlessly as your business grows, ensuring your investment pays off.

Usability Testing

We apply the best known techniques used in user-centered interaction design to find any defects and check usability. We don’t shy away from trying and trying until we hit the right note.

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  • Sketch
  • Figma
  • Adobe XD

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